Welcome to the Lakeshore Hang Gliding


Boat Towing on Lake Conroe

Fly with a Platform Launch (PL) for hang gliders or off the beach for paragliders using the specially fitted Malibu tow boat.  Solo tows or tandems with instructor Gregg Ludwig.  New student pilots need only a swim suit and sun glasses to get started.  Most of our towing and training is with hang gliders but we do offer limited service for paragliders.

A complete hang glider course is available that includes Hang 2 (H-2/Novice) certification upon graduation.  The basic course is adjusted to individual needs but requires about 3 flying days to complete. 

Tandem flight lessons are $99 and every third tandem free.  Solo flights are $20. Introductory tandem flights (Discovery Flights) also available at $99.


Solo flight tows for qualified rated pilots are $10.  Flying must be scheduled and normally occurs 10am to 3pm any day of the week.  Flying is available June through October.  

Sample schedule:

bulletday one.........3 tandems. A tandem flight lesson takes the student pilot to 2,000ft.  
bulletday two.........2 tandems/written test  
bulletday three......1 tandem check flight/ 3 solo flights  

Gregg Ludwig 281-788-6754
USHGA Tandem Instructor/PL Administrator
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